Can there be anything lower than sexually abusing a child? Well, yes — when the abuser is a teacher or someone else in a position of authority over the child. But as we¬†descend the ladder of human depravity we can find an even more vile crime — when a teacher sexually abuses a learning-disabled child.

Peter Pinto, a 42 year-old substitute teacher, is charged with fondling a ten year-old learning-disabled student at a Coney Island public school. The teacher and student were waiting together for the mother to pick up the child after school.

But your Outrage has only just begun — the real outrage in this story is that this same teacher had already been charged with the same crime against an eleven year-old student last July. Although the charges were known, Pinto was still hired by the Coney Island School District.

For a real chill, just think about this — if two students, in completely isolated incidents, have already accused the teacher of molesting them, how many children have been similarly victimized without saying anything?

Last Friday we told you about an alleged gang rape at a school in Queens that was not reported to police for a month. We also told you about a principal in Brooklyn who ignored reports that a music teacher was seen having sex with a 13 year-old student. What will it take to make New York City public school officials care about the sexual abuse of students?

(Source: New York Daily News.)

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