Thanks to another judge who thinks prisons are too crowded, the population of the US Virgin Islands will soon face dozens of violent offenders back on the streets. More than 50 convicted criminals are to be set free.

The local parole board has begun deciding who should be released before their sentences are completed.

Among the most interesting candidates for release is Felicita Maria Parrilla. Ms. Parrilla had been convicted of murder and armed robbery and was serving a life sentence. Then in 1994, for some reason, Governor Alexander Farrelly pardoned her and four other convicts. Ms. Parrilla apparently did not take advantage of this great stroke of luck, as she returned to prison on a gun conviction and is currently serving a new five-year sentence. If she is released again, the islanders must really wonder what they have to do to make someone serve out a prison sentence.

Candidates for release also include two convicted rapists.

Local residents are furious about the proposed releases. “It’s an outrage, a total travesty of justice,” said local resident Miguel Livingston.

(Source: Miami Herald.)

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