A Dade County health inspector gave a restaurant owner two choices — buy a $2,000 grease trap for your kitchen or take off all your clothes and let me fondle you.

Luis Bran, 44, a health inspector for the Department of Environmental Management dropped by the Rincon Caribeño cafeteria and told the owners, a 60 year-old father and his 27 year-old daughter, that they needed a grease trap. But, he suggested in front of the father, if he could be allowed to inspect the woman, Isela Hernandez, he’d let the grease trap requirement slide.

Bran then told Hernandez to think over his outrageous offer; he’d come back a little later. She had the presence of mind to rush out, buy a tape-recorder, and alert the police. When Bran returned he repeated his greasy offer to the woman right into the microphone she was wearing. The police were listening in a van outside.

Thinking she had accepted his proposal, Bran then went to the bathroom to breathlessly await for Hernandez to show up and remove her clothes. Instead, detectives appeared and arrested Bran on official misconduct charges.

As it turns out, Bran had never been assigned to inspect the cafeteria.

(Source: Miami Herald.)

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