There is equal justice under the law in America, unless your last name happens to be Kennedy. In that case, you may well have a license to do as you please.

Founding father Joseph Kennedy was notorious for attempting to seduce his sons’ girlfriends. John F. Kennedy used to advise his female house guests to lock their doors at night, as his father was in the habit of walking into ladies’ rooms in his mansion in the middle of the night and attempting to have sex with them.

President Kennedy himself was a notorious philanderer and adulterer. He seemed to spend more time chasing women than running the country. Then there is his brother, current senator Ted Kennedy, who drowned a young girl he was taking home when he drove off the infamous bridge at Chappaquidick.

A Kennedy nephew, William Kennedy Smith, has a history of beating his dates. He was — somehow — acquitted of rape charges in Florida not too long ago.

Now it appears that another member of America’s most powerful political family, Michael L. Kennedy, will escape prosecution on statutory rape charges. Kennedy had an affair with the family baby sitter beginning when the girl was 14 years old. However, the girl and her family have decided not to cooperate with prosecutors investigating the incident.

And these are the people who tell us how to run our lives.

(Source: Boston Globe.)

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