Dead bodies falling out of trains — that all ended when the Nazis were defeated after the holocaust and WWII, right?

Think again. In an event that an aid worker describes as “one of the most horrifying that I have seen in all my years as an aid worker,” dozens of bodies fell out of open wagons as a train carrying refugees reached the town of Kisangani, Zaire.

The brutality of the rebel and government forces in Zaire has reached nightmarish proportions. Last week, we told you about the 80,000 Rwandan Hutu refugees who were chased out of refugee camps by machete-wielding villagers and rebel soldiers. Many of the refugees were women and children — hacked to death as part of the ongoing tribal warfare in Zaire and Rwanda. Rebels have also attacked and butchered patients in hospitals.

Meanwhile, as the slaughter continues, dictator Mobutu Seko seeks to find a “face-saving” way of ending his rule before the capital of Kinshasa falls to rebels. Mobutu has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune through corruption in Zaire, and will retire to one of the many mansions he has accumulated throughout Europe.

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