In our continuing look at Where The Money Goes, we’ve shown you an incompetent police chief being paid $375,000 to leave quietly, healthy fire department bureaucrats getting huge disability pensions, and elevator inspectors doubling their salaries through bribes.

But the corruption and rip-offs inherent in our system of “public service” pale by comparison to the waste of funds used to subsidize the reelection of entrenched politicians.

Why is it so hard to unseat the “leaders” that allow and encourage corruption and waste? Well, they have some huge advantages, such as spending millions of taxpayer dollars to foist their propaganda on the same taxpayers they are bamboozling.

In the latest example, New York State taxpayers are paying $11.5 million dollars a year to have their state politicians tell them how wonderful they are. Newsletters, calendars, and brochures — many emblazoned with the legislator’s picture — are churned out of taxpayer-funded printing plants and mailed at taxpayer expense.

So the next time you open your mail and immediately drop the contents in the trash, just remember — that’s where your tax dollars are going.

(Source: New York Daily News.)

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