California has some of the highest taxes in the United States. Where does all that money go? Apparently not for police protection.

Bill Farrell, a Santa Ana resident, has been hit by burglaries three times in the last four months. He’s so desperate he now has put up a sign in his front yard telling robbers that he has nothing left to steal — they’ve already got it all. The local guardians of life and property have made no arrests and have no suspects. (Although one might think that if the cops just watched this house for a couple weeks even they might be able to nab a thief.)

Adding insult to injury, thieves even stole his watch dog — a Rottweiler — and the card of a detective that investigated one of the robberies.

Refusing to surrender, Farrell has installed bars on the windows, steel doors, and motion detectors. He sleeps with a gun. When he leaves the house, he takes his VCR with him.

After turning his house into a prison, Farrell wonders “Why aren’t the burglars living in prison?”

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