Bomb threats shut down the heart of London this morning and created rush-hour Hell for millions of commuters.

There were no explosions, but officials are guessing that the IRA is behind the threats, which affected airports, rail stations, and the Underground subway system.

The IRA is alleged to be using the new terror campaign as a way of influencing the upcoming national elections. On Friday, there was an explosion and more threats in northern England, for which the IRA did claim credit.

Prime Minister John Major expressed contempt for the IRA and praised the legendary “stoicism and good humor” of the British people. Major’s opponent in the May elections, Labor leader Tony Blair, agreed, calling the IRA’s actions “intolerable…. a clear attempt by the IRA to disrupt the British National general election.”

As one traveler said of the terrorists: “These people are dictating our lives and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

(Source: Fox News.)

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