Having recently paid your federal income taxes, you might be wondering just where all that money goes. To the bureaucrats, of course!

Since 1986, the Justice department has been giving away millions of dollars for victims’ aid programs. Here’s how it is supposed to work: The federal government collects your tax money, they pass your money along to the states and Washington D.C., they, in turn, are supposed to pass the money to non-profit groups, who then pass the money along to victims of crime.

But hey, taxpayer and crime victim alike, the joke is on you! There is almost nothing left at the end of the chain.

As it turns out, the Washington D.C. government has been taking 70% of the funds it was allocated and using it to pay the salaries of the government employees who administer the program. So you might think that leaves 30% for crime victims, right? Wrong again. Nothing has been making it to the community groups, much less the victims themselves.

What about the young and the elderly — they’re the most defenseless, right? They have been getting nothing either, not even counseling. Records show that in 1995, not a single physically-abused senior citizen or child was helped by the multi-million dollar program.

And what was Royal Mason, the D.C. official in charge of the program doing? Trying to use the funds to buy a car.

(Source: Washington Post.)

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