John Anthony Diaz admits that he shot and killed Dawn Brown in 1993. In a case that is only now coming to trial, Diaz has concocted a unique “defense” that is symbolic of America’s twisted legal system in the late 20th century.

First, perhaps we should mention that Diaz did not mean to kill Dawn Brown — he meant to kill his girlfriend, Kimberlee Brown, Dawn’s sister. Unfortunately for Dawn, she and her sister looked quite a bit alike, and Diaz mistakenly shot the wrong sister.

When confronted with the undeniable evidence that Diaz did in fact kill Dawn Brown in cold blood, Diaz and his attorneys concluded that this was not simply another monstrous case of a maniac losing control and venting his destructive passions on a totally innocent victim. Oh, no. You see, Diaz is a victim of the system.

As a result of living in a racist society, Diaz was feeling down. In fact, he was so depressed when his girlfriend broke up with him that he just couldn’t resist pumping a few rounds into her — or rather her sister.

Yet somehow after the killing he managed to spur himself to action to create a new identity, borrow money off his credit cards, leave the US, set up home in Guyana, and marry a woman there.

(Source: Boston Globe.)

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