While the great majority of honest Americans toil away for average wages and salaries, personal injury lawyers are reaping the real wealth of America.

Take Richard Bieder for instance. He’s representing 34 relatives of the victims of the Oklahoma bombing disaster who are suing the federal government. To the disgust of other victims’ relatives, these families are trying to cash in on tragedy by maintaining that the government should have protected the victims from the unpredictable, lunatic actions of the bombers.

Outraged readers must wonder what the relatives plan on doing with this kind of wealth ($25 million for each claim). Will drinking champagne, driving Rolls-Royces, and vacationing in Monaco relieve them of the trauma of losing a loved one? Here at the The Outrage we’re still foolish enough to believe that money isn’t the form of compensation best suited to assuage every type of injury.

But what do we know? Certainly not as much as attorney Bieder, who stands to personally profit from the bombing to the tune of around $300 million taxpayer-funded dollars. Representing claims that total around $900 million, we would guess that Bieder has the typical contingency contract, calling for him to take one third or more of any judgement in favor of the filed claims. So, completely innocent taxpayers may end up putting Bieder and the victims’ families into the lap of luxury.

(Source: USA Today.)

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