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Chihuly Garden Installations

Even if you are not a fan of glass as an art form, it's hard to see how you cannot be somewhat awed by the work of glass master Dale Chihuly. If you've looked at glass before its probably been on a smaller scale, and perhaps whimsical, so hard to take seriously. But many of Chihuly's works are massive in scale, larger than a person, and are exhibited in scenes around the world like the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, where we took these photos.If you see his works at an outdoor exhibition, like one of these forthcoming exhibits, try going at night, when the works are lit up and especially beautiful. But any time of day they can be awe inspiring. His works can also be seen in books such as this one, which give you some idea of the art, but we recommend seeing them in person if possible.Click here for Chihuly's galleries.Click here for Chihuly's galleries.

Dale Chihuly



Mar 27, 2015

glass, art