Do People Travel to be Safe?Last Updated : June 11, 2020

Are hotels taking the wrong strategy to lure guests back?

Hotels around the world think they are reassuring guests by emphasizing anti-COVID measures like social distancing.

But WHO isn't even sure now that asymptomatic guests transmit the disease. And more fundamentally, will people still travel for pleasure if it means seeing employees in masks and having rigid requirements for social distancing?

Hotel Irwin in Venice Beach California has typical requirements:

  • Groups of 6 Max
  • Seating limited and distanced
  • Face Coverings Required in Common Areas

On the other side of the world, at Sudamala resorts in Bali (pictured), it’s pretty much the same deal:

  • Enhanced cleaning norms,
  • physical distancing.

Hey, safety is fine. But travel – at least leisure travel – is about adventure, exploring new places, and interacting with new people.

Given the current requirements, why bother?

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