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Luke Ravenstahl

Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA. · (1980 - )

Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA. · (1980 - )

  • || Achievement
  • Youngest mayor of a major American city in modern history.

  • || Achievements made possible by
  • Learning from mistakes: Controversy marked his administration as he made a flurry of missteps, including improperly driving a Homeland Security SUV to a concert. He apologized and reimbursed the city. He admitted mistakes, sought counsel from veteran mayoral peers and insisted there was no substitute for on-the-job seasoning. "I think that being 27 is something the city should embrace and it's something that I've embraced," he said. "No matter if you're 26 or 56, there's nothing that can prepare you for all of this. There's no book you can read. You just learn by going through it."
    Early start: The Democrat entered politics in 2003, winning a city council seat at age 23 following a stint as a courier service sales executive.
  • || Notable
  • At age 26, the former city council president assumed office in 2006, rallying the grieving Steel City following the sudden death of a beloved predecessor from brain cancer. Proposed eliminating his own job as mayor as part of cost saving measures. Won a resounding retention victory in 2007, countering critics' claims he was immature and unqualified.
  • || Born
  • Pittsburgh, one of three children. His father is a district judge; his grandfather a state representative.
  • || Education
  • Earned a BS in Business Administration from Washington & Jefferson College where he was an All-American place kicker.
  • || Married
  • Hairstylist Erin Feith Ravenstahl in 2004; lives in city's Summer Hill neighborhood; expecting first child in fall 2008.
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