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Insane World

The bored rich seek therapy for their lack of contentment while millions of people around the world don’t have enough to eat. Workers with good jobs in rich countries file lawsuits against their employers for all sorts of trivial grievances, while countless people around the globe are desperate to find any sort of paying labor. Rich and famous athletes and entertainers moan that they’re not adequately “appreciated.” The paradox of the modern age is that never have so many had so much – and complained so often.

Living Sanely

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  • - Quotes: choice words and thinking from notable people around the world about Perspective, curated by Attitude Media
  • - Living Sanely: philosophy to help you get reenergized, and refocus on a productive, ethical way to deal with Perspective
  • - Focus: a central, guiding thought with which to navigate Perspective

...and strategies for coping with 34 other everyday situations in our insane world!

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