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Drugs and Alcohol

Insane World

Many people use drugs and/or alcohol to escape the insanity of modem life. People who don’t have goals, and who aren’t busy trying to create value in some form, often use drugs to escape boredom.

As science and technology increase their impact on modem life, the opportunities for chemical escapism will increase. One vision of the future is found in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, where the soma drug provides the escape of an almost endless dream. In the short-term, mind-altering drugs offer many attractions: sensual stimulation, intense experience, escape from worry and trouble. The long-term effects are not so enchanting, as drug use typically leaves the users wasted and spent, in many cases a pathetic shell of their former selves. Long-term drug use often causes permanent physical or mental damage.

Living Sanely

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