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Equality and Justice

Insane World

Those who speak of the need for greater equality most often cite the undeniable fact that some people have far more wealth than others. But there are many forms of inequality, of which wealth is only one. There is no evidence that “God,” or “the creator,” or “nature” ever intended that there be equality, if that term means an equal division of wealth, beauty, intelligence, or any other desirable thing or quality. In other words, there is no reason to think that equality is “natural.” If nature intended equality, why is one child born with birth defects, while others are born perfectly healthy? Why will some people grow to be beautiful and others become ugly? Why will some people develop great natural intelligence, while others struggle to keep up? Why do some young people seem to have a natural endowment to become great athletes, while others are prone to obesity or illness?

Living Sanely

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