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Insane World

Your phone rings at dinnertime; it’s another marketing call; your email box is crammed with unsolicited junk email; most of the mail in your traditional mailbox was generated by a computer. As marketers become increasingly desperate to cut through the clutter (that they have created), the marketing bombardment will only increase. Technology will be used to invade your privacy on a scale previously unimagined: already, computerized systems are leaving automated phone messages, hidden cameras monitor many of your movements, and government and businesses collect and utilize information they have surreptitiously obtained.

Mini-cameras, mini-tape recorders, see-in-the-dark binoculars and a whole host of other equipment originally developed for the military or specialized markets are now being marketed directly to consumers. As technology moves from the laboratory to the masses, almost everyone will have the ability to audiotape, videotape, or otherwise monitor you.

Living Sanely

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