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Insane World

A large house requires extensive furnishings; the extensive grounds require upkeep. Beautiful, exotic cars require maintenance, but not nearly as much as a boat. A designer wardrobe requires cleaning and storage. All purchases require some thought: How much should I pay? What are the tax consequences? Is this a good investment? Does it need to be insured? The more things one has, the more thought they require, and it’s easy to lose your freedom of spirit and the ability to focus on the most important things in life, which aren’t things. And so often material objects are simply expensive toys, designed to impress others and having little real value to the owner.

Living Sanely

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  • - Quotes: choice words and thinking from notable people around the world about Materialism, curated by Attitude Media
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  • - Focus: a central, guiding thought with which to navigate Materialism

...and strategies for coping with 34 other everyday situations in our insane world!

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