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According to his friend, the shoe designer Christian Louboutin, “Antoine is nicer than you would expect. He listens well. He is interested in people. He doesn’t have his cell on the table; he isn’t checking e-mails and texts. He’s there with you.

~ Profile of Antoine Arnault
New York Times, 2013

Bailey, who grew up in Yorkshire, is both genuine and genuinely nice in person. When you first meet him, he is exceedingly hospital and chipper ("Can I get you an espresso?). And he is not the type to reach for his Blackberry every two minutes. When's he's with you, he's with you, as he was with me when he sat down for an interview in New York and later in London, in Burberry's headquarters. He comes off as engaging, charming, and reflective, whether the subject is his personal life or what he happens to be wearing that afternoon.

~ Burberry's Christopher Bailey
Profiled by Adam Rapoport
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