he loved his friend dearly. Between these two there had grown up now during a period of many years, that undemonstrative, unexpressed, almost uncouscious affection which, with men, will often make the greatest charm of their lives, but with women is held to be quite unsatisfactory and almost nugatory. It may be doubted whether either of them had ever told the other of his regard. "Yours always" in writing was the warmest term that was ever used. Neither ever dreamed of suggesting that the absence of the other would be a cause of grief or even of discomfort. They would bicker with each other, and not unfrequently abuse each other. Chance threw them much together, but they never did anything to assist chance. Women, who love each other as well, will always be expressing their love, always making plans to be together, always doing little things for the gratification of the other, constantly making presents backwards and forwards. These two men had never given anything one to the other, beyond a worn out walking stick or a cigar. They were rough to each other, caustic, and almost ill mannered. But they thoroughly trusted each other; and the happiness, prosperity, and, above all, the honour of the one, were, to the other, the matter of keenest import.

— Trollope on the difference between male and female friendship  

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