Le Reve may be one of the three best pictures that Pablo Picasso ever painted. Look at it - it's sublime . There were five people in my office when I hit it. I was standing in front of the painting, giving a history, and I backed up. I didn't realize I was close to the wall,and I turned around and caught the painting with my elbow. It's got a cheap canvas - Picasso used the cheapest thin canvas - and it went pop, like shrink wrap. I hit it in the middle of the white jsut beneath her left elbow. I'd already made a deal to sell it.Steve Cohen was all set to wire the money. But the damage negated the deal. ....I almost made the biggest mistake of my life selling that painting, but I got lucky and poked a hole in it.

— Steve Wynn on being luck poking a hole in Le Reve  

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