Meet Jack Olsen, successful Hollywood screenwriter. Over the past ten years, he has worked on fifteen film projects and one TV pilot, with current fees of about $300,000 per script. Olsen is a good looking guy from good Midwestern stock with a good sense of humor and an impeccable professional reputation. In fact, Jack Olsen has all the qualities you would expect from a successful Hollywood screenwriter - from the new house and the CAA agent to the $70,000 Jaguar XK8 in the driveway and the modified 1972 Porsche 911 that he races on weekends. He pretty much has it all, except for one minor detail: He has never had a movie produced. ....The truth is, it is far easier to earn a living in this town off projects that never make it to the screen than off the ones that do. "I'm a guy who has written fifteen screenplays. You would not have to throw a rock very far in L.A to find someone who has written fifteen screenplays. I've made a lot of money. You would not have to throw a rock very far to hit someone who has not made a dime. You have to accept that the machine that does all this is very imprecise." To experience the development process firsthand is to know that the difference between a screenplay that gets bought and never produced and that actually gets made is more likely because of a Happy Meal merchandising opportunity than writing quality.

— screenwriter in Hollywood  

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