Nobody talks about it, but it was the most fun I ever had in my life. I never got out of bed with so much energy and so sure of what I needed to do and surrounded by the coolest people, how became respected in our fields. It's like wartime. When are the relationships so immeadiate, when are the stakes so high? When do you see the impact you as an individual can have and see radical change made? I mean, it was horrible. It was outrageous. And it seemed to take years. But look what we did! It was historic shit. You bet those people got lost when they're not that person anymore. I'm not talking about ego. You're the hot shit in the biggest disease, and then treatment becomes available, and then what? NOw you go to the clinic everyday and write prescriptions?

— Roger McFarlane, early AIDs doctor, first exec director of GMHC at age 26  

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