While we like to think of sport as being fair, there are many, many instances of unfairness, although sometimes rectified. At the 92 Games in Barcelona, a Brazilian judge made a typo, meaning to give a 9.7 score to Sylvie Frechette, and instead entering 8.7; she was not allowed to correct her error, and thus an American, Kristen Babb-Sprague, was awarded the gold. A year later the IOC awarded a second gold to Frechette. American Jim Thorpe was awarded, and then stripped, of his gold medals for the pentathalon and the decatholon that he won in the 1912 games, because he had been paid $25 for playing minor league baseball. 60 years later, in 1982, the awards were posthumously returned.

— Rectifying InJustices in Sport  

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