Re: 'Feds say real estate brokers block competition' (May 8) Dear Editor: Here it goes again. The feds that have no idea what they are doing (remember the '90s?) are making worthless recommendations again after spending an obscene amount of taxpayers' money. Then, of course, the attorneys jump in to give an opinion (like it really matters). All that to just "protect the consumers." Then there is the "study" and the opinion of some professor from somewhere. Now mind you none of the above entities has a clue how to sell real estate, yet all of them (because of their studies) have some very strong, worthless opinions. Now over the years how many "experts" do you recall whose "studies" were right? Very, very few. I want to ask these "experts" to tell us what happened to all the discount brokers, reduced-fee, reduced-service brokers that appear (as a "new" business model) any time the market is booming only to vanish when the market goes south? How many "new" business models from people that are not practicing a trade have to be forced upon the people that (are)? If the consumers are not benefiting from the existing practices, how come the existing model has survived so many years? I have observed over the years (since 1978) that the feds and lawyers are problem creators (by nature) rather than problem solvers. If these people had any ability to solve problems, the federal government would be running smoothly (dream on) and the judicial system wouldn't be dilapidated. It would take much work from both to earn my respect and then to get me to listen to any of their recommendations. Chris Eliopoulos Metropolitan R.E.S. Beverly Hills, Calif.

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