"Paul (Hamm) blew it (the landing) horribly. He landed badly off kilter and reeled helplessly into the judge's table. ...Morgan (his brother) sitting in the stands, looked dazed with grief. 'That's it' commentator and 1984 U.S Olympian Tim Daggert said. You can't fall like that and win the all around title. This is a disaster. As a result, Paul Hamm fell to 12th place in the competition. "I was so embarrased, he said. "I was just thinking I'd let everyone down, my brother, the team. I had to get back into the competition, so I just blocked everything else out and tried to draw on everything from 14 years of training to give the performance of a lifetime." Which he did, in the two subsequent events, "pulling off one of the most jaw dropping comebacks and narrowest Gold medal victories in Olympic history. "Quite simply, this is the greatest thing any American has ever done in the sport of gymnastics on foreign soil" announcer Al Trautwig said.

— Paul Hamm, gynmastics all around gold medalist for US  

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