There were five of us and they're a successful bunch. Four of us moved from California to Wall Street. The fifth, my sister Wendy, is a very successful producer in Hollywood. She did The Devil Wears Prada, won an Oscar for Forrest Gump. My brother, Mark Finerman, is very successful - he runs commercial mortgage securities at Greenwich Capital. And then I have two little sisters who are analysts at different hedge funds.' Undoubtedly a successful bunch, though her parents, Gerald and Jane, who separated when Karen was 20, weren't on Wall Street themselves. 'My father is an orthopaedic surgeon at UCLA hospital in LA,' she says. 'My mother was a homemaker.' But she does mention that her mother always advised her to marry the successful man over the nice one. 'Because how can you be happy if you're poor?'

— Karen Finerman’s family  

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