coach Joe Gibbs used to sleep at his office during the season. A resporter once asked when the last night he spent at home was. Gibbs "That's not important." Well, the reporter said, it snowed here Sunday night. It's now Thursday, and your car is the only one that still has snow on it. Are you working round the clock? Gibbs looked more embarrased than angry. "I was going to have someone go out and sweep the snow off my car" he said, I just forgot. He ordered the clocks removed from meeting rooms. "Coaches learned to calculate the time by various noises. One of those was the landing of the Concorde at Dulles. "We knew it landed around 5AM" one coach said. If we heard it rumble over, we knew we'd been at it all night." Other times it was the trashman coming to empty the garbage in the morning that told them the time.

— Joe Gibbs  

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