The self deprecating Gibbs is of little use in understanding how the Redskins got pointed in the right direction. To hear him talk, he played no defining role in this season's success, not least on a scale with Snyder, who he credits with supplying everything he needs, or with Redskins fans, who he credits with inspring the turnaround as the team teetered on the brink of playoff elimination at 5-6; or his players, most of whom he describes as so driven they barely need coaching. "If you treat people with respect, and you're dedicated to what you do, I think they look at it and say, "Hey, this guy is doing his part' said Gibbs. "you take the mentality of your head coach" said veteran defensive end Philip Daniels, one of the first free agents Gibbs signed "He looks after us, and we're definitely going to look after him. If you've got a coach that loves his players and looks after his players like that, you've got no choice but to play hard for him." Said former Redskin and now ESPN commentator Joe Theisman, "He (Gibbs) has always been wonderful about deflecting the credit to other people and deflecting it to his players."

— Gibbs shuns credit for Redksins run to playoffs  

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