Years from now, when he looks back at this brief time of truly historic opportunity, will he say contentedly, "I was in it", or will he say "I missed it". He wants to be in it. He needs to be in it. This is why (Geoff) Yang takes business calls through the weekend and then gets up early on Monday morning to drive to the office by 7:30. He doesn't need to work. He knows he could retire now, at 40, and live an extremely comfortable and happy life without ever working again. He could provide amply for his two children. He could keep his family in their house in Atherton, California, one of the wealthiest towns in America. Or he could idle on a tropical beach, sipping margaritas, paging through techno-thrillers. But that's not for him. Next is 1148

— Geoff Yang/Alan Deutschman  

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