I'm actually a little embarrased to talk about what I do because I love it so much and it's such a a sort of a selfish, quixotic kind of existence I have.....But I have so much fun and so such amazing things, I'm beginning to relax and enjoy it. Because I'm persuaded the beer is so damn good. - Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing. "I tell you, I wake up in the morning, and its the best hour for me - because I'm so excited about going to work. When I lived in New York, I would set the alarm for 3:30AM and catch the 5:04 train. I would get up, and I'd be wide awake and full of joy becaue I was going to work....It all comes down to, are you happy with yourself when you tackle a new day." - Selima Stavola, dress designer

— Brewery owner and dress designer talk about how happy work makes them  

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