just as films with simplistic plots and extravagant special effects are the easiest to construct, duplicate under different guises, and market. Just as simplistic political messages that are easy to market become the ones that dominate. - about wines that fit the Robert Parker mold - high alcohol, fruity, very concentrated, rich. But its interesting that Nossiter is critiizied for doing, in his documenatary, the very thing he is trying to avoid with wines - reducing complexity. This is what Larry Stone, wine director of Rubicon in San francisco, had to say about the movie: I wish he would have been able to portray the people he interviewed in all their complexity, rather than reducing them to stick figures. that were either heroes or villains. None of those people are villains,and very few of them are heroes. They're all people who love wine, and they're doing what they think is best for it.

— attack on wine ratings by Jonathan Nossiter, former sommelier and documenatary film maker  

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