At their townhouse, Marks and Bankowsky entertain often - large, catered affairs, usally. It is common for Mark's artists to show up, but he rarely invites collectors; it's not merely out in the Big Ten states where Marks can be seen keeping collectors at a certain haughty reserve. "In all of the dinners of theirs that we've been to, I can only recall once, after an opening of Terry Winter's, I believe, that suddenly there were all those awful strangers, who turned out to be collectors" art historian Robert Rosenblum says. "I just don't think he has much taste for the sort of person who collects art. Although he's a great gossip and he's very good at imitating those silly people and the way they talk, or what silly thing (MoMa president emerita) Aggie Gund was wearing when he last saw her. She's a terrible dresser, and Matthew and Jack love to talk about it.

— art dealers disparaging collectors  

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