Famously, he told Barbara Walters that Judith would be able to sit in on cabinet meetings, acting at the time as if this were a perfectly ordinary responsibility for the president to give his wife....at a dinner party, "Rudy was deferring to her the entire evening.They were talking about the war in Iraq, and she was opining. They were talking about the Second Circuit, and she had an opinion about that too....She likes to talk. .....He doesn't need the expensive Brioni suits she has him wear, or the fancy food she has him eat. ..But Rudy defers to her....Before they were married, he indulged her desire to dine regularly at Le Cirque even though the heavy cusine tended to make him queasy. "It was almost required daily, going to Le Cirque for dinner,and Rudy used to throw up afterward, because the food was so rich" say a witness. "But she wanted to go, because it was the place to be seen, and the treatment by Sirio (Macconi, the owner) was incredible. All very nice for a woman who had one time in her job as a medical supplies salesperson was demontrating surgical stapling on live dogs. She has moved nimbly up the social ladder, from her humble blue collar hometown of Hazleton, PA, to marry a medical supply salesman. After five years, she divorced him, and married handsome, rich kid with a trust fund from Long Island, Bruce Nathan five days later. His friends recall her as "a real opportunist, a real Becky Sharp character.She basically struck me as having an inflated, self important view of herself." Raised as a Catholic, she became the much more marketable Presbyterian once she moved to the Upper East Side. In divorce papers he branded her a "social climber" whose "main goal" was being involved with whatever was the in thing at the moment. Whether it was belonging to the 'right' church by converting from Catholicism to Presbyterianism; playing bridge with the 'right' people; enrolling Whitney at the right schools in order to further my wife's social aspirations wearing designer clothes and jewelry and vacationing at the fashionable Hamptons." About Guiliani, "she had to approve his schedule, which had been locked in weeks before". She met Rudy by approaching him at a cigar bar while he was married, and they began an affair. She says "I travel with Rudy. He respects me and involved me in all aspects of his life. We get involved in speechwriting." They have adjoining offices at Giuliani Partners. "Manhattan hostesses have long known that if they invite the Guilani's to dinner, they must be prepared to breach protocol by seating them not only at the same table, but next to each other, and Rudy's standard lecture contract requires that his wife be placed beside him if his appearance involves sitting through a meal." "senior campaign operatives have apparently been grumbling about what they consider Judith's meddling in mattters outside her area of competence. "She's, uh, feisty, as they say" a high level staffer told Newsday, "The staff people go a little nuts". She was responsible for having one long time aide, Manny Papir, fired after he made a disparing comment about her changes to a traveling intinerary.

— Guiliani’s 3 wife – social climber  

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