1.4 Billion Dollar Man Author John F. Groom On The Jack Abramoff Show

Noting that “we’re all basically massive donors to the Obama lifestyle and campaign,” radio host and author Jack Abramoff said The 1.4 Billion Dollar Man: Costs of the Obama White House is “an astonishing set of information” and asked author John F. Groom “has there ever been a ruler – going back to Nimrod – who has lived such a lavish lifestyle?”

Just released, The 1.4 Billion Dollar Man is a detailed study of Barack Obama’s annual household expenses.

Abramoff said:

“You have to get it. You have to look at this stuff. This is exactly why we are in trouble in this country…

This is something that every voter needs to learn about.”

Abramoff interviewed Groom on October 15th 2012 on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Jack Abramoff Show.

In the wide-ranging interview, Abramoff and Groom discussed the first family’s vacations, Michelle Obama’s $6,800 jacket, the helicopter fleet, the president’s campaign travel, and a variety of other taxpayer-funded expenses.

Abramoff observed that “the same White House that rejected the US embassy’s request in Libya” for additional security spends $9 million in taxpayers’ money each year on the Obama family’s Hawaii vacation.

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