Today the Outrage provides two fine examples of why Hillary was right.

There are indeed grave problems with America’s current system of health care, whereby critical medical services are denied to good Americans like Emil Matasareanu. Other Americans are being denied their constitutional right to, uh, well, see below.


Emil Matasareanu and Larry Phillips were well prepared. They wore full-body armor and carried a number of automatic weapons. After preparing for full-scale war, they attempted to rob a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood on February 28, 1997.

Banks are also well prepared for robbery, so it should be no surprise that Los Angeles police officers responded in mass. There ensued a wild shoot-out during which the two bank robbers exhausted the ammunition in their rifles, and then calmly reached into the trunk of their car to get weapons with fresh clips.

The firefight left eleven police officers, as well as five bystanders, wounded. The shooting spree also left Matasareanu dead, shot 29 times by the police officers who returned his fire.

Matasareanu is suing. Well no, that’s not quite correct – even in America dead men can’t file lawsuits. A lawyer, Stephen Yagman, is filing suit on behalf of the dead thief. In his federal civil-rights lawsuit, Yagman maintains that the police department “cold-bloodedly murdered” Matasareanu by not providing adequate medical attention as he lay bleeding in the street. (Cold blooded? We normally think of that phrase in reference to attacks on undefended, unarmed, unprepared innocents. But lawyers and language have never been close friends.)

Of course, it’s possible that medical personnel were busy attending to some of the sixteen people that the robbers had shot.

To recap: men rob bank, shoot 16 people and endanger the lives of many others. Of course it then follows that taxpayers have an obligation to provide prompt medical service to the men that started the shoot-out.

Technically, the suit has been filed on behalf of the robber’s two children – and we’re sure he was a great dad. You may think that this is all too absurd to take seriously – after all, no one survives 29 gunshot wounds, and Matasareanu would have spent the rest of his life in jail anyway. But think again – the Justice Department is using your tax dollars to launch an extensive investigation to determine whether the gunman was, in fact, denied adequate medical care.


A satisfying sexual life is one of the rights granted, or at least implied, by the US Constitution, so we applaud the decision of Medicaid programs to provide the new impotence drug Viagra to those who can’t afford it.

“The sex drive being what it is in some people, it may very well have a lot to do with the mental well-being of a person,” said state representative Ron Johnson, a Republican who heads the Medicaid Oversight Committee in Alabama. Of course, it goes without saying that the “mental well-being” of a person is the responsibility of the government.

Alabama and Florida pay for four state-funded satisfying encounters per month, Arkansas, Louisiana and Maryland cover six, and the home of polygamy, Utah, springs for 10. Go Boy Go!

(We wonder if the real men live in Rhode Island. The state began offering to pay for Viagra recently – but no one has yet applied.)

This is a great opportunity for America. If taxpayers fund an increase in the virility of those on Medicaid, we may well also get the opportunity to increase the cycle of subsidy – to pay for the birth, education, and medical expenses of the resulting children. Or perhaps we can pay for some more federally funded abortions.


Obviously we need to be more sensitive to the needs of wounded bank-robbers and the impotent poor. We should also prepare for the next wave of lawsuits, which will come from those whose unsatisfying sexual lives forced them to get killed while robbing banks in order to pay for Viagra denied them by the state.

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  1. There was just a story about these guys on TV a while ago. They stated that NOBODY was shot except for the two robbers (one took his own life). I’m not sure where the 16 other people figure came from…

    It is clear to me that the legal profession is out of control. It’s refusal to police itself properly means that we the people who are not in the legal profession have to demand that our representatives take action. While I was at a milatary college you were able to mast any demerits you received. It was your right! However, if you filed a frivolous mast you could get stuck with more demerits for doing so. It is high time that the judges of this country start holding lawyers responsible for filing frivolous lawsuits. I know of many examples of people who abuse the system but, I think everyone gets the picture.

    Maybe a little responsibility on everyone’s part to sue only when it is absolutely necessary. Maybe holding some of our legal reps responsible for their frivolous actions will deter them and their abnoxious clients from tying up the court system with such nonsense.

    I have a feeling that your greedy lawers will ruin your beautiful country someday…

    If anybody feels sympathy for two criminal misfits that shot up North Hollywood and 16 people all I can say is WHAAAA..maybe they should move to another country..but then in another country the police would have been better armed and could have taken out the threat in a more efficient manner..

    The mistake the police made in this case is obvious. The mistake involves mediocre marksmanship and a poor choice of amunition. First off, a clean head shot was required here. Second, ammunition sufficient to remove the perps head would have made the death immediate, thereby not allowing the scumbag to bleed to death. As for viagra for the poor, I definitely have a problem with my tax dollars being used to help some poor fellow get it up. And frankly, I’m having a hard time (no pun intended) seeing how the bank robber story and the welfare woody stories are related.

    Time: 5/22/98 (17:0:47)

    i feel that emil would have died anyway due to the weight of his suit and the amount of lead he was carrying around, so why bother lead is a killer by its self and more so when put in by gun..

    Time: 5/22/98 (7:44:10)

    We all know that the longer a case takes the more fees the lawyer gets..so why end the case? Socialized legal system is the answer. LET’S DO IT !!Even the Govt. lawyers make work for themselves. Ripping off our dollars.

    Terrific idea. It’s about time we all expressed the insanity that is like a cancer in the USA…is it in all the states? Or do some states take vitamins to resist? We all may be the Ralph Nader of ripoffs,and gestapoism..Thanks for your efforts. This ineternet is fabulous.Voices get heard who otherwise remained silent.

    I always knew there were too many lawyers. This case proves it!

    What gets my goat more than the stupid lawyer who for appearance sake is filing this lawsuit on behalf of the criminal’s children; it is the United States Justice Depat’s investigation into determining if, in fact, the robber was left alone to bleed to death. I would just love to bring Will Rogers back from the dead for just six months and hear what he’d have to sat about Washington, politicians, et.al THESE days!

    Thank God for a Website such as this! Here, at least, American citizens who are not all sleeping, have a chance to vent positively but no less seriously about the pack of idiots who are running this country….into the ground.

    Keep the Site coming, Rage! You’re providing a better service than Viagra!

    BOO HOO HOO, da poo wittoow bank wobber got kiwd! What a ridiculous lack of priorities…..just like the capital punishment debate. Why does society think so much about the rights of vicimizing scum bags, and almost never about the rights of victims? We’re really out of touch with nature and reality. To many people on this planet, too many bad people, kill the bad people, thin out the herd! Every other heard is thinned of evil antisocials naturally, and that’s a thing called selective evolution. Is it important? compare domestic animals to wild. Obvious difference in inferiority there. I shudder to see humanity in the future….and Darwin will turn in his grave, at this increasing circus of inferiority and environmental onslaught.

    What planet are the lawyers that would acually take this case? My opion they should be run out town on a rail. I saw a interveiw with his mother, she is a mutation of a human being.

    As each day passes more and more of our freedoms are being taken away. As a hard working tax paying American I am sick to death of the bleeding heart liberals who want to take care of all of us and make us like them. God protect us from those who don’t think we can take care of ourselves. Talking with so many young people today makes me realize they are not aware that whenever the Federal Government “gives” you something they always take something away like freedom of speech, a right to bear arms, the right to assemble and other basic rights. When is it going to be time for the average American to rise and say no more. The constitution was put in place to protect us from tyranical government. I think sometimes I have lived to many years. I remember when our government was not so oppresive, children got a good education and working people got to keep more of their hard earned money.

    Man. This is whiner central. People… Chill…

    It should be heartwarming, indeed, to all compassionate taxpayers to learn that Medicaid is buying Viagra for the needy. Moreover, this policy should go far in convincing Medicaid to pick up vet bills for needy pet owners whose mental stability is enhanced through the companionship of their dogs, cats and birds. (In the interest of fiscal integrity, this policy probably should not cover farm animals housed in urban environments.)

    This would all be very funny, if it weren’t true.

    Time: 5/12/98 (9:43:49)

    Attorney Yagman should not have even been allowed to file this ludicrous lawsuit.The fact that he was is further evidence of the erosion of common sense and decency that has infected our court system. Similar lawsuits have preceded and many more will probably follow, even more ridiculous than Yagman’s. God help this country, HE’S our only hope amidst all the insanity.

    Time: 5/11/98 (16:46:54)

    I just want to know how it is that Hillary gets her noise and vocal cords into all our business. People who rob banks are asking for trouble the minute that decide to commit a crime.. They deserve nothing but what they received. The police have a job to do, Tell Hillary to go to Arkansas___

    Time: 5/11/98 (14:53:37)

    Kurt Meter needs a lesson in English, ie. spelling, grammar, spaces after punctuation, etc. Then maybe we could think that he knows what he is talking about. I’m with Anonymous #1! Aren’t we already having a problem with illegitimate babies and dead-beat dads? Let’s address the life and death issues with our tax dollars!

    I right to help correct your thinking.It’s no Emil taht is important in this.In this new age it’s the “class” you belong to that counts. The “class” of mortally wounded bank robbers is what the lawyers are fighting for.It’s the “class” of orhans of dead bank robbers that are at stake here.It’s the class of impotent poor that’s at stake.Get it strait,will ya!

    There are people who don’t have much of a life – who have to try to grab the fabled “15 minutes of fame” – couple that idea with our latest jerk, Yagman, and you get new meaning to the term “ambulance chaser.” We should introduce Yagman and the screwball Jack Dean Tyler . . . what a pair to draw to . . . Tyler has to compare a shoot out to Nazi Germany – what a warped mind.

    Someone please beam me up on this one!!!!!

    Only 23 states have enacted insurance companies required to reimburse diabetics for their supplies which as I understand is not covered by Medicare/Medicaid yet impotent individuals are to receive Viagra at taxpayers expense. Somehow I fail to see a life or death situation here with respect to impotency as compared to diabetics. There are far more limbs, etc. lost by uncontrolled diabetics as compared to impotency! Rest assured diabetics sex drive is their least concern!

    Simple solution to most of these problems: Socialize the lawyers. Makes everyone equal under the law, with equal access to equal legal talent. Profit gone, problem gone.

    Time: 5/10/98 (21:54:38)

    Re taxpayer funded Viagra, Hillary had it partly right from the beginning. Apparently in addition to it taking a village to raise a child, it also takes one to raise some male organs.

    I think Shakespeare had it right: get rid of all the lawyers… (actually, I think he said kill all the lawyers, but we need at least one left so we can see Scumbag in the docket.

    Dear DO
    If my memory is still working the new drug in which you you speak is not for people in there child bearing years and most of the men who would use this drug have had cancer of the prostate which is or can be life altering to some men they don’t feel like men anymore most of the people you are talking about are your parents age for most men these problems don’t show up til l they are in there late 60-70’s there are rare cases of this happening to men much younger so to say this will cause a increase in births is very unlikely now I will be the first to say there will be bad DR’s who will give this drug to those it was not made for but if they follow the protacal you will be safe in knowing it is to be use by very old men just think the drug company used the oldest they could find for the testing they used BOB DOLE ……

    Bank robbers dying in the street is a good thing.

    If you are going to cite the US Constitution you should at least have the good sense to learn a little something about it. The Constitution DOES NOT grant rights. The government doesn’t have any rights to grant. The Constitution recognizes that people have inalienable rights bestowed on them by the creator as stated in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution grants limited power to the government and guarantees the rights of the people can not be taken away by the government. Under the current thinking of modern liberalism those constitutional guarantees are no longer in existence and the constitution is just another piece of paper.

    Time: 5/10/98 (19:15:3)

    I was supprised to read one of the comments that remarked that he was glad that certain members of society who formed the former Soviet Union were in hell. How does this person know this? For all I know they could have come back to earth as Republicians.

    As the Show Baretta said “If you do the crime, you must do the time”, is as true today as when the show was on TV. A perpetrator of a crime has the responsibility for his decisions & actions therefore no medical treatment is warrented until the victims are cared for. The ambulance chasers vie for money and in this case it is being payed by the tax-payers which is everyone who has income from labor or investments.

    As for State assistance for buying Viagra for the poor is a travesty unless the impotence was caused by an act by the state such as a cop doing his duty. Other than that, no assistance should be offered.

    Rolls Royce is back.

    Time: 5/10/98 (19:10:34)

    I definitely have a problem with government authorities deliberately allowing someone to die (in affect, killing them) even if society at large isn’t all that unhappy with their passing (like with the blood-thirsty bank robber). The problem that I have is well illustrated by the Waco massacre where government authorities were given the green light to machine-gun, poison, and burn children and adults because society didn’t really like them. It helps me to understand how the NAZI Party could have come to power in Germany.

    The (FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST FAR-LEFT BIDDER) Injustice Department is using my tax dollars to launch an extensive investigation to determine whether the gunman was denied adequate medical care???-What did you expect?? They are also shyster-lawyers, fostering the job security of the shysters that “work” for this Dep’t., at the expense of the law-abiding and working middle-class. This is also a most gratifying opportunity for this abomination to further undermine the Police, and Law Enforcement in general.This “government” is no longer being made up by the cross-section of manifold representations of Americans, but has deteriorated to an unamerican and unconstitutional syndicate determined to destroy Americas’ moral values and GOD-given right to freedom. We can thank our SAVIOR, that Marx, Lenin, Trotski and Engels are now in Hell where they belong, lest they might now find employment, in this, as the so very moral “Headman” himself said: “the most ethical administration in History” – – O TEMPORA – O MORES –

    Capping the jerk once in the head seems like appropriate medical attention to me. I’m sure if Mr. Yanger ever finds himself facing an armed mugger he’ll revise his estimate of what “appropriate” medical attention is.

    You wrote: (We wonder if the real men live in Rhode Island. The state began offering to pay for Viagra recently — but no one has yet applied.)

    Hmmmm. Little state, little………

    Johnny Relentless
    Grist for the Mill
    http://www.jps.net/lektrik/ press

    In regard the dead LA bankrobber. First, if I had been an LA cop I would have shot him once in the head, just to be
    sure he was dead. And if I were on any jury dealing with this scumbag, I would never give one red cent of damages to anyone. You rob a bank you take your chances. Screw the whole bunch of them.

    Perhaps we should instigate a lawsuit against Mr. Yagman for wasting our tax dollars……

  2. I think we should set up a trust fund for the Matasareanu kid based on the fact that their father gave us such great video footage on how NOT to do gun battle with anyone… let alone the police. Come on, that’s gotta be worth SOMEthing!

  3. I agree with the premise of your article. However, Utah is not the HOME of polygamy. First of all it’s illegal. And second of all when the Mormon church did practice polygamy the practice began in Illinois.

  4. Why should my tax dollars go toward Viagra, when Birth Control pills are not covered under health insurance?

    Think about it?

    I guess since Men want it, it’s okay, but if a woman needs it, it’s expensive and considered not necessary.

  5. This comment might be written in vain due to the age of this article, but after reading through the various postings about this topic, I felt compelled to respond. As with most Americans, I found this incident in North Hollywood, CA. to be almost unbelievable. What would drive two young men to such desperation? I witnessed this madness as most of you did; through the all-seeing eye-in-the-sky of the various Los Angeles news cameras. As with most crimes that are caught on photographic media, the “shock value” that is so desperately sought after for ratings has a tendency to sway public opinion (as the postings on this web site would contest to.) Regardless of what these two apparently insane Americans did, if the Los Angeles public service departments in question did indeed allow Emil Matasareanu to pass away due to his injuries via intentional negligence, then the Matasareanu’s family legal consultation does have the right to seek compensation! My first impression of some of the personal comments posted to this web site was that I was reading the ranting of preadolescence school children. It boggles my mind that Americans appear to be so willing to jeopardize their personal rights when they witness fellow Americans being depraved of the civil liberties, and respond with the mental dullness that has been displayed by the individuals that have posted their opinions here, on this web site. I am not here to justify the apparently crazed actions of these two madmen, but I do feel strongly that if the individuals that are hired into the various organizations that are obligated to protect my personal liberties are allowed to decided who lives and who dies, then some freaking heads should roll. For those of you who feel that individuals like me should find another country to live in, then I respond that I, as a veteran of the U.S. military who has been involved in defending this country’s in actual combat, have more of a right to live in this country then 98% of you. Maybe you should think of moving to South Africa or Haiti (where street justice apparently thrives.)

  6. Doesn’t it now follow that the poor impotents should be allowed to sue the government for all of the benefits they “could” have received from the government if they’d been allowed more viagra and allowed to produce more children. By the government depriving them of the necessary viagra that would allow them to create more children, impotents will not be eligible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of benefits from the government. Think of the potential of their personal financial losses of food stamps, medical, cash, housing, and education they will not get because the government wouldn’t give them more viagra. In a sense, isn’t the government indeed, actually killing these children because it is depriving them of life by not allowing poor impotents unlimited access to viagra!

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