Do you believe in coincidence? We do.

Several days after refusing to settle her sexual harassment case against President      Clinton, Paula Jones was informed that she was being audited. 21 Republican members of Congress immediately wrote letters of protest, calling the audit “retaliatory and politically motivated.”

There have been so many audits of those whom the Clinton administration perceive as enemies that Congress has launched an investigation into the politicization of the IRS. The administration maintains that it is mere coincidence that Jones and many conservative groups have been selected to have their tax returns audited.

Conservative organizations that have recently been selected for audits include the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, and others. Many of these groups have complained, citing the fact that no liberal organizations have been selected for audits. Another failure to understand the power of coincidence.

Billy Dale was fired from the White House Travel Office in 1993, supposedly at the behest of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He was audited shortly thereafter. It so happens that the head of the IRS at the time was Margaret Milner Richardson, a close personal friend of the first lady. Those that don’t understand the power of coincidence have a hard time figuring this one out.

The IRS began auditing Western Journalism Center last year. It also happens that the center was the only media outlet targeted for “action” in a 1994 White House memo dealing with media coverage of administration scandals. Roll of the dice.

In July of 1996 Patricia Mendoza yelled “You suck” at President Clinton while he was campaigning in Chicago. Within a month she was notified that she would be audited. The IRS also threatened to seize her property. However, once the matter was widely publicized the IRS decided that a computer error was responsible for the investigation into Ms. Mendoza, and they dropped the matter. (See – it’s really the fault of those damn computers!)

Then there is the case of Kent Masterson Brown, who filed suit to open up the secret health care task force commanded by Mrs. Clinton. He also got his audit notice within a month.

Yes indeed, we believe in coincidence. We also believe that nice guys finish first, that good always triumphs over evil, and that The Outrage will eventually secure venture capital funding. But we’re beginning to have some questions about Santa…

(Source: Washington Times .)


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0 thoughts on “JUST A COINCIDENCE!

  1. Is anybody really surprised that a President with a history of using whatever means necessary to destroy those who oppose his agenda would use the IRS to do a little more of what he’s been doing for YEARS now? I fully expect an audit any day now!

    Time: 12/12/97 (9:22:51)

    It’s so predictable. Sour grapes still clinging to the political vine. Still can’t stand the fact that your fat cat publican (as in the guys Jesus drove from the temple I.E. moneychangers) didn’t manage to put in another president. Falling full flat on your own overstuffed faces to believe all the hype about Clinton. Funny how five years and 30 million bucks later we still don’t have any real news to report, just more hype…HYPE…HYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPEEEEEE.

    I wonder why Janet Reno is hesitant to appoint a special prosecutor for the …quote… campaign finance irregularities… which were most definitely commited only by Democrats, especially Bill Clinton…especially Al Gore. Could it possibly be that she recognizes sour grapes when she sees them. Could it be that this song has been sung before by the ripoffublicans. Oh well, the brainwashing is almost complete I suppose. Let the rich have it all. Or am I the brainwashed one…

    God help me… I think it’s too late…What’s truth and what’s reality…Is this some kind of tunnel I’mmmmmmm innnnnnnn….Wait the darkness is clearing…Oh I understand it all now. Politics is power. Money is power. Republicans spend on average twice as much as democrats. Republicans have more money. Yes it’s all coming clear now. I’m sorry, My brainwashing is coming out. My mind is clearing now. Money is truth. Republicans are truth.

    Time: 10/3/97 (22:24:29)

    There is no need for discriminated against, economically RAPED, tax paying slaves to pay the IRS to collect any income, social security or sales tax from SLICKS donating labor and material to build Habitat for Humanity Houses, Amish barns, Churches, houses to sell for profit to subsidize Christian schools and quilts and crafts sold at non-profit, tax exempt relief sales.

    If it weren’t for the IRS collecting tax from discriminated against, economically RAPED, tax paying slaves to pay for Holy SLICKS tax refund for buying a place in Heaven from Holy Hucksters for “send your tax deductable donation to us”. These Holy SLICKS would alledgelly end up in Hell with with their discriminated against, honest, economically RAPED, tax paying slaves who responsibly ABORT CONCEIVING CHILDREN until they have a living, union wage or profit from an independent business. To effectively honor their marriage aggreement to protect, LOVE and provide for the family they conceived.

    Without the IRS. Who would collect tax from economically RAPED, tax paying slaves to pay for Anti-American buisnesses tax abatements and everything parisites, volenteers without wages and slaves working for Anti-American buisnesses, who refuse to adhere to mother natures DEMAND, they market the cost of EVERY EMPLOYEES living, union wage, profit and the cost of America existing in THE REAL WORLD, have to STEAL to live.

    The majority of 49% of we, the government who vote and the 51% who sit on their hands and whine (pray). Have successfully elected a President, Legislators and elected officials with the technolagy and the ludicrust audicity to hold innocent children accountable to pay foreign and domestic investors, the Bulls on Wall Street and the Hillary’s investing in the grain futures and pharmaceutical drugs $187,150 when their born in America.

    The impossibility of law abiding, discriminated against, economically RAPED tax paying slaves having to DEMAND, Pro-American businesses adhere to mother natures DEMAND, they market the cost of all these glorified, socialized, Communist practices, the cost of their living union wage, profit and the cost of America existing in THE REAL WORLD and compete with Anti-American businesses in the market place. Has created over a five trillion dollar debt. Innocent children are responsible to pay interest on until their 18 years old. Then pay the interest and debt with the $5.15 per hour labor wage. We, the government elected Congress to enact.

    Time: 9/30/97 (9:23:27)

    I think your commentary is interesting, but I think you need to quote some numbers such as “what percentage of Americans are audited” and “what percentage of companies are audited” as well. For me to take your outrage at face value, I would like to see what chance these people would have had were they to never have made these accusations.

    Also, there is some aspect of curiosity in knowing how squeaky clean these people are. You know the expression about calling the kettle black? Well, I think these people who take a “holier-then-thou” attitude shoud have to come under the scrutiny of the microscope as well. So in some respect it may be the karma of defensiveness taking action against these people.

    Then again, it could be plain old abuse of power. I really don’t know. I know that if someone tried to harm me in some way and I was completely innocent, my instincts would tell me to fight back. Maybe those IRS agents are just animals.

    Norm’s 2 cents.

    Time: 9/30/97 (5:39:3)

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone by now (one agency acting as judge, jury and ex). Since the sixties OSHA has been doing exactly that.

    McNeil Stokes, lawyer for a contractor in the Alanta, GA area, lost an appeal to the US Supreme Court wherein his client was denied his right to a jury trial, or any trial for that matter. The Court cited Admiralty law and Immigration law as their authority for denying the right to trial in spite of the 6th and 7th ammendments to the Constitution!

    Time: 9/30/97 (0:35:51)

    You shall regret publishing this article, cursed Outrage editors. Your official notification for audit will arrive within one month. Have a nice day.

    Time: 9/29/97 (18:25:45)

    Oh, hey. I was only kidding. I just found out that my books are in order for mortals but not for the IRS.

    Ha, Ha I was only kidding IRS, let go of my nuts, Please.

    Time: 9/29/97 (10:42:54)

    Let’s take a look at ANOTHER coincidence, shall we? Why didn’t those 21 Republicuckoos, or any other Republidorks, complain about Kenneth Starr becoming the head of the Whitewater investigation? Isn’t HIS being head of that debacle one heck of a coincidence? I mean, Starr volunteered to do legal work on behalf of Ms. Paula Corbin Jones. If I’m not mistaken, I think he offered, at one point in time, to represent her. And now, he’s head of the Whitewater thing, and has spent $30 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money, only to come to the conclusion that Vincent Foster really DID kill himself. Those 21 members of Congress sure do seem to be awfully selective about who and what they think is retaliatory and politically motivated.

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