• Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.
  • Nicholas Murray Butler

3 Great World Cup Stories if you don't care about soccer

Inspirational: The amazing story of Nick Calabria, the one legged kid who excels at soccer, among many other sports. bit.ly/1pEy8kF

Inventive: The indestructible soccer ball is a great invention bringing the beautiful game to impoverished kids around the world yhoo.it/1m2GNJx

Really Funny: Great video of a soccer legend dressing up as an old man and then showing the kids how the game is really played. elitedai.ly/1nWXO54

Counting to God: a Personal Journey Through Science to Faith

Positive Press, the publisher of the Positive News, is about bringing people together. The positive news list has both secular and religious readers, with a common interest in finding upbeat, inspirational stories. The latest book that we've published is about one such story. Doug Ell was a typical young person searching for answers, and that search led him to MIT to study math, and then to advanced degrees in math and law. But, as much as he loved, and still loves, science, he felt that something was missing. This book is the story of his personal journey, and makes a convincing case that religion and science are compatible. You can believe in the latest scientific developments while still maintaining your religious faith. Counting to God: A Personal Journey through Religion to Faith, will be officially published with a talk at MIT on June 11, but were providing early access for Positive News readers. Learn more at www.countingtogod.com, where we have an interview with Doug, a sample chapter, and much more. You can buy Counting to God: A Personal Journey Through Science to Faith at Amazon: www.amzn.to/1xonfnX

Economic stability, air safety, sanitation systems and accountants – what do they all have in common? They’re among the topics we cover in our series of essays that analyze the past and find in it positive things to light the way ahead.

Our hand-picked selection of insightful essays that argue for a positive view of the world and of yourself.

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